November 29, 2023
Excitel Customer Care Number

Excitel Customer Care Number

Excitel is a leading internet service provider (ISP) in India, offering high-speed broadband services to residential and business customers. With a focus on providing reliable and affordable internet connectivity, Excitel has gained popularity for its commitment to delivering fast and seamless internet experiences.

Excitel offers a range of broadband plans to cater to different usage requirements and budgets. Their plans feature high-speed internet connections with generous data allowances, allowing users to browse the web, stream content, play online games, and perform various online activities with ease.


040 6965 6965


040 6965 6965


022 6965 6965

Delhi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Meerut, Jaipur, Gorakhpur

011 69656965

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Excitel FAQs

What is the average speed provided by Excitel Broadband?

Excitel Broadband offers varying speeds depending on the plan you choose. They have plans ranging from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps and even higher speeds in certain areas.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Excitel Broadband plan?

Yes, Excitel Broadband allows customers to upgrade or downgrade their plans based on their needs. You can contact their customer support to discuss plan changes and options.

Does Excitel Broadband have data usage limits?

Excitel Broadband offers both unlimited and limited data plans. You can choose a plan that suits your usage requirements. Their unlimited plans do not have any monthly data usage limits.

What types of internet connections does Excitel Broadband offer?

Excitel Broadband primarily provides high-speed broadband connections through fiber optic technology, ensuring fast and reliable internet access.

Can I use my own router with Excitel Broadband?

Yes, Excitel Broadband allows customers to use their own compatible routers. However, they also provide Wi-Fi routers as part of their installation and setup process.

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